I'm Maribel Castells

an illustrator who writes based in Mallorca, Spain.​

I grew up in a tiny village in Mallorca close to the mountains, surrounded by holm oak forests and open meadows.

When I was a child, I spent most of the time exploring the countryside, building things, drawing and reading all sorts of books. 

About me illustration Maribel Castells

Later, I attended Escola Massana in Barcelona and Escola Superior de Disseny in Palma, and graduated in Graphic Design and Illustration.

After 15+ years of working for others, I started freelancing in 2017.

washi tape

I want to help children enjoy their journey of discovery through the world and letting them imagine, create, and be whoever they want, straight out of their unique visions. Making them feel they’re inside the story, but even more important: Inspiring them to create theirs.

Joy, Simple Life, Identity, and Sense of Belonging are themes I feel close to, and also the invisible dots connecting my ideas. My art is strongly connected to Nature, through a bold, mixed-media style, with quirky color choices and geometric vibes. My creative voice is somewhere between folk imagery and cut paper aesthetic language.

A FEW things about me

I was born in the 80s! I am greatly inspired by past decades: music, movies, pop culture, food, history, places…

I’m a mother to a 6 year-old boy with a passion for chocolate, Jurassic Park and Vintage children’s books, just like me.

My Myers-Briggs Personality Type is INTJ, Architect: I’m introverted, intuitive, thinking and judging.



Press | Premsa


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