Edited by: Fundació Mallorca Literària.

12 stories about the pandemic in Mallorca, told through the voices an art of 12 authors & 12 illustrators from the Balearic Islands.

ISBN: 978-84-09-21500-3

Release date: July 2020

Les Vestals

Words: Laia Malo. Illustrations: Maribel Castells. Voice: Francesca Vadell Cubells. ‘Les Vestals’ is set in Alcúdia. Madò Jeroni and Sarita are two women forced to live together while the covid-19 Spanish lockdown. Love and virginity are the triggers for an intimate conversation that unexpectedly leads them into a deeper exploration of passion, life’s challenges and uncertainty, blurring the generational and background boundaries between them.

‘Les Vestals’ Video Story